I do not produce for storage pending sale, and nothing of the items shown on my website is produced in any significant quantity. As a rule I produce a single item of each design: mostly because I wish my design to be and remain unique and exclusive to whoever wears it. A few items have been produced especially for sale, and these you will find on this page. Let me add that all my design in principle can be purchased, but in each case only by order prior to production. The bulk of these vestments will be far from identical, especially so for the free form creations, which for every item, even within the same design group, will be different and unique to the owner. Considering the time spent on design, planning and production unique items such as the free form creations, and the choice of the highest grade of materials in each case, there will never be room for mass production. In addition, the prices alone will limit demand. However, feel free to contact me, and I shall in each individual case be able to propose prices and delivery times.


I will eventually place for sale some of my things on the shop web site Epla (www.epla.no).



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